New VW SUV in Final Stages of Development

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VW_Midsize_SUV_ Chatt

A photo of one of the first VW B-SUVs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new 3-row SUV that Volkswagen has been teasing us with for three years is in the final stages of development. The new SUV will have seven seats and be built in Tennessee. There isn’t an official name for the vehicle yet but it is code-named B-SUV and Volkswagen hopes it will help build US market share for the German brand. The main competitors include Honda, Ford, and Toyota, three auto makers that control much more market share in the US than VW.

Very little information has been released regarding specific design and styling details but this vehicle could definitely be a game changer. According to Andrew Krok of CNET, “there are two USB ports for second-row passengers, and that same second row is capable of moving forward so you can get into the third row while a forward-facing car seat is still bolted in.” As expected, the new SUV provides proper leg room and appears to be tech friendly. Volkswagen currently has the Tiguan and Touareg but the B-SUV is a seven seater with the feel of a crossover. The German brand thinks this new ride will be perfect for “soccer moms.”

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Wall Street Journal


VW Making Splash with Crossover SUV

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According to Car and Driver, Volkswagen has started production on a new crossover model. The new model will be a 3-row crossover SUV and the release date is expected by early 2017. The new model will join the other crossovers, the Touareg and the Tiguan, in VW’s lineup of vehicles and it is expected to be larger in comparison, but without the bulkiness that comes with a 3-row crossover. The crossover will most likely be equipped with a V-6 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. There might be a plug-in option later when the vehicle is more established within the market. It is estimated that price will be listed at approximately $30,000 and the crossover will be built in Tennessee.

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Brand New 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

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Tig-16-0016 copy

So far, the reviews for the new 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan have been stellar. The second generation model has quickly started to make a name for itself, especially overseas. The 2015 Tiguan was one of the most popular cars sold in Germany last year and, with crossovers becoming increasingly popular worldwide, 2016 looks to be another successful year for the Tiguan. A slightly new style coupled with enhanced functionality puts the new 2016 Tiguan in the same conversation as other reliable vehicles, such as the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV.

According to, This gives off-roaders another option when shopping for vehicles, as “Volkswagen says the fifth-generation four-wheel drive 4Motion system used by the new Tiguan provides a faster apportioning of power to all four wheels via a process that provides pre-activation of the rear clutch and improved operation of the electronic differentials.” Only 2 engines will be offered initially but Volkswagen plans to produce more. The 2.0 TSI model seems to be the smarter choice right now. The 2.0 TDI SCR diesel is not as quiet but it “promises excellent economy” (

Some features from the VW Passat have been implemented into the Tiguan, such as the instrument panel. The dashboard has also been noticeably upgraded. The infotainment system is fairly standard but there is a higher level of finish compared to the 2015 Tiguan.

Other aesthetic features have also been improved to offer more benefits. “A rear bench that offers up to 180mm of longitudinal adjustment, there is an added 29mm of rear seat leg room. Luggage space has grown too, increasing by 145 litres to 615 litres with the standard 60/40 split folding rear seats in place, or 1655 litres with the seats lowered” (

There is a wide array of vehicles to choose from but if you are searching for a reliable car with great fuel economy, quality handling, and a stylish interior and exterior, then look no further than the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan.




2016 VW Passat Review

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Volkswagen has a made subtle, but meaningful changes to the brand new 2016 Volkswagen Passat. The 2016 Passat comes equipped with a new infotainment system and CarPlay, which allows a driver to add their smartphone functions to the vehicle display. In the 2016 Passat, the platform is also compatible with Android. This is very beneficial, especially in Illinois, as it is prohibited for all drivers to use hand-held cell phones while driving.

There are 2 engines available in the 2016 Passat. A 1.8 liter TSI and a 3.6 liter VR6. The 1.8 liter is the standard, but if you are the type that likes more power then the 3.6 VR6 (280 hp) is for you.  In an article written by, they reviewed that, “First impressions of the smaller engine are that it’s very good indeed, with plenty of pulling power and a well mated automatic transmission.” The article also states that there is “almost no turbo lag” when passing on the freeway.

The exterior styling is still fairly conventional. Exterior updates include a more sculpted hood and slimmer headlamps to add to the updated aesthetic. And LED lighting is available but, other than a few revisions, the exterior has not been given an extreme facelift. This model is lighter, though, and the steering has proven to be exemplary. Plus, it gets 25 mpg city/38 mpg hwy.

The new 2016 VW Passat is not flashy but it does disappoint in any department. If you are in market for a new vehicle then you cannot go wrong with a new Passat. Be sure to check out our new inventory while you shop for that new ride.

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2016 VW Jetta Among Best January Lease Deals

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Jetta photo

According to, the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta is “among the best January lease deals priced at or near $199 per month.” You can lease a brand new 2016 VW Jetta for only $169 a month, with $1,999 due at signing. The 2016 Jetta comes in 4 trim level-S, SE, SEL, and SLI-and has seen a slight redesign. Along with its 1.4L engine, it also equipped with a comfortable interior, with rear-seat legroom of 38.1 inches and rear-seat shoulder room of 53.6-inches. VW offers several options for the interior and the compact sedan can seat up to five. The trunk space has also been increased to 15.5 cu. ft., allowing for more cargo room.

You cannot go wrong with the brand new 2016 VW Jetta, as it provides great value for a compact car that offer 32mpg. Be sure to check out our Jetta inventory while you are visiting our site. And if you are looking to trade in your vehicle, you can value your trade in a few easy steps!

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