How Can I Tell if My Brakes Need Changing? The Service Team at Gurnee Volkswagen Lets You Know

August 24th, 2020 by

As your driving your Volkswagen car, hatchback, or SUV on your daily commute, one reasonable expectation you have of your vehicle is that it will come to a stop when you press on the brake. While we may not always be completely aware of the job it is going, the braking system is one of the most important ones in your vehicle. It is needed for the safe operation of your Volkswagen vehicle. So how do you know when they need to be changed? The service center at Gurnee Volkswagen, located at 6301 W Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL, is here to let you know.

The Signs Your Brakes Might Need Replacing

While the thought of their brakes failing on them and being unable to stop may sound like a terrifying proposition for drivers, the good news is that there are many warning signs you can look for that will tell you that it may be time to get your brakes inspected. Some of the most common ways to tell that your brakes might need to be looked at include:

  • A Squealing, Whirring, Squeaking, or Grinding Sound—When you hear these noises coming from around the tire area, it is a pretty good sign that your brakes need to be checked out. Your brake pads and rotors could be worn.
  • Your Brake Pedal Feels Softs When You Press It Down—This is a sign that there could be something wrong with your master cylinder. It could also point to the fact that there is some unwanted air or moisture in your braking system.
  • Vibration or Wobbling When Braking—There are many possible reasons why this could be happening, but most of them involve your brakes. You could have an uneven rotor, or your brake calipers could be not leasing correctly.

Come See the Service Team at Gurnee Volkswagen

The service center at Gurnee Volkswagen, in Gurnee, IL, is staffed with factory-trained, Volkswagen-certified service technicians that know the braking system of your vehicle extremely well. Since they are experienced and knowledgeable, they also have a vast knowledge of the braking systems of many other makes and models. If you think you are experiencing brake issues, schedule your brake inspection with our service center today and ensure that your vehicle is mechanically safe for you and your passengers.

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