How to Change the Battery in a VW Key Fob

Person using opening the trunk of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas with key fob

Wondering how to change the battery in a VW key fob? While you will not have to perform this task often, it is actually quite simple to do at home. Our service team near Waukegan would be more than happy to assist you as well, but if you prefer to handle your VW key fob battery replacement on your own, we have provided a helpful guide below. 

What is the Correct VW Key Battery for Me? 

Before you can change a battery in a VW key fob, you need to find the correct VW key fob battery.

  • Those who drive an older VW model with a key fob that looks like a simple Volkswagen car key, it is likely that your VW key fob will need a CR1632 battery. 
  • If your Volkswagen was produced after 1999, it will probably have a fob that looks more like a small pod with buttons on one side and feature a retractable emergency key. If this is the case, a CR2032 battery is probably the correct option.

VW Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide

Learning how to change a battery in a VW key will only take a few minutes. For modern VW models, all you will need is a small screwdriver and a new CR2032 battery. We highly recommend wrapping the flat-head screwdriver with a small piece of tape to prevent scratches and damage to the fob. 

  1. Hold the button on your Volkswagen key fob to release the emergency key. 
  2. Hold the fob firmly in your hand.
  3. Use your fingers to pry the fob apart at the seam between the top and bottom of the case. The flat-head screwdriver can be used to finish prying them apart. Perform this step carefully to prevent any damage to your key fob. 
  4. Remove the old battery that no longer works and replace it with a new one. The positive side should face downward. 
  5. Tightly close the key fob case to ensure everything is securely in place. 

Volkswagen Key Replacement

What if it turns out that the battery is not the culprit? VW key replacement can be quite costly, so it is a good idea to keep a spare key on hand. If your key fob no longer works or is lost and you do not have a spare key, we can assist you with VW key replacement. To do so, you will need to provide us with your driver’s license and your proof of ownership. When your new key arrives, we can also help you program it in no time. 

Contact Gurnee Volkswagen for More Information

If you still have questions about how to change a battery in a VW key, do not hesitate to contact the team at Gurnee Volkswagen for more information. We can help you through the process or perform it for you.

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